Aiello stands in the comfortable space between Pete Droge and Jason Mraz.

If your attention span lasts longer than 30 seconds, you will be rewarded with a pleasant listening experience. All of the songs are worth a listen. I took my Beyerdynamic headphones off after listening to this music feeling good about about life. I have NO time for crappy music.

If I were going to get Aiello’s music on the radio, my choice for a hit single would be Transient, with a radio edit around 3:57. Not only is it a hit, it is a well written song and engaged me from the first couple of down strokes on Aiello’s guitar. To me, Transient captures Aiello’s true expression as an artist like no other song does, but that’s just me.

What’s great about Music today is that YOU get to pick what song you like. People have the power.

If I were John Hammond, I would sign Marco Aiello and give him to T-Bone Burnett…

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