At: http://www.ratw.com/promo/darby.htm Terence Trent Darby is a complete Industry package. TTD’s stage presence is a sight to behold. The dude has stage moves at a level further up the ladder from David Lee Roth and Steven Tyler. TTD’s moves and choreography indicate a man that’s been schooled. And that ain’t necessarily in a classroom, or Arthur Murray, you dig?. As for the band, well, give the band some. TTD basically has a bomb squad of a band and the cats dropped the Bomb on 16 August. The set included songs from all 4 albums TTD has released. The show lasted more than 2 hours and in that moment you realize that TTD is very, very, very wide musically.

In his benediction at the end of the show, TTD started to say that Artists/Musicians have the special privilege of interpreting the Voice of God, but then he recognized he was at the American Legion and not at his father’s church, so he blipped the throttle and downshifted to the voices of the gods. Dig. If you’ve never been to church and come up in that environment, you can’t really comprehend a portal of time quite influencial upon a young Darby. There are people in churches all across America that can flat-out sing the boots off your socks. TTD is well aware of this and has probably witnessed the criticism of a congregation with high expectations of the Sunday soloist.

And we move on. One of the highlights of the night was TTD’s segue to James Brown’s Super Bad, which put everybody’s head on a swivel. An other meaningful moment was TTD’s tip that Read My Lips was one of the tunes on his demo tape that freaked out the record company. The reprise of it this night was just as freaky. I think it was James Baldwin who remarked that one of the characteristics of Royalty on the African Continent was the way the elite’s EYES gave them away. Dig.

TTD’s eyes have the ocular power to express things without words well past 35 yards. You have got to see this for yourself. The dude is some kind of exiled [prince]. I was standing by the soundboard and the cat was saying things with his eyes alone, punctuating the words of each song with a glance. A Bad MF this TTD is.

Performance Rating: ****

This article was originally published at Rock Around the World.

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