Here we have a true American success story. In 2004, Mark Stoddard was practically working out of his garage building what I believe to be the BEST music cables in the World. Whether you are looking to upgrade your pedal board or rack with the best patches, or simply upgrade the cable from your guitar to amp, Mark has you covered.

I started buying cable from Mark when he was selling Canare, but his business just exploded and now he is in all the big boxes, but don’t let that fool you. Mark is the real deal.

Mark is serious when he says MilSpec quality because he IS a highly decorated Veteran who worked on serious electronic equipment in the Army. A lot of people throw that term around to give their products some sort of voodoo cachet, but I know the difference. I worked in the Electronics Systems Division of Grumman Corporation where they had a 4% rejection threshold. None of Mark’s cables have ever failed me. That is 100% QC, baby!

I’ve got Lava Cable (Retro Coil) going from my guitar, to my pedalboard which is exclusively Lava Cable (Cardas Golden Chord) and then the speaker cable from my amps to cabinets are Lava Cable (Kimber).

All I can say is that Mark is the BEST at what he does and that is why he is everywhere and why some heavy players use his cables exclusively. I am happy to have seen this American success story from practically the beginning.

Oh and did I mention the effect this has on your tone? It is like a blind man seeing blue sky for the first time.

And you know that I know.

-Emery Columna

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