by Emery Columna

I’ve never seen a movie that dealt so strongly with the theme of trust and betrayal as I have seen in Donnie Brasco.
Maybe it’s my Brooklyn Born, New York sensibility that helped me to understand Our Thing and what it took for FBI agent Joe Pistone to become Donnie Brasco and take down some key players from New York’s 5 Families.

All I can tell you is that Mr. Pistone better not order out for pizza too often…one day, the pizza he’ll get at the door will be frozen.

This movie so intrigued me that I read the book. I think anyone who likes this movie as much as I did ought to read the book.

With this movie, Johnny Depp is definitely off Sunset Boulevard and hopping in the Hills with Hollywood Royalty. There was one scene in the movie where Depp’s character dulls the line between Pistone/Brasco and hits his wife. Everyone in the theatre I was in gasped.

Kudos to Al Pacino for a role that beats the acting he did in City Hall and Heat. Forget About It!

Michael Madsen portrays the silent intensity of the real life Sonny Black to a T. Michael Madsen has incredible screen presence.

The Music in this movie? Forget About It, it’s that good. This soundtrack does justice to New York in the late 70’s.

Everybody, I want you to meet a friend of mine, John Polito, one of the best young audio engineers out there. John’s the reason why this album sounds so good.

Internet Listening Pleasure: A Stranger On Earth, What You Won’t Do For Love, Heart Of Glass, Don’t Bring Me down, Disco Inferno, Return To me.


Rating: ****

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