by Emery Columna –

I went to see this movie the other day and never laughed so hard in my life, so far this year. This is a movie that should do very well in the word of mouth department, since everyone in the theatre I was in had something to laugh about.

There is some funny, funny shit in this movie. In his best work since The Grifters or Say Anything, John Cusack portrays a Mechanic that goes back to his hometown in Grosse Pointe, Michigan for his high school’s 10th anniversary Homecoming.

The funniest part for me was when the Mechanic encounters a classmate that never made it out of Grosse Pointe and harbors some unresolved animosity towards Cusack’s Mechanic. The Mechanic lays some psychoanalysis jargon (acquired from sessions with Alan Arkin’s Psychiatrist character) on the poor fool. Turns out the dude just wants to read poetry and do Coke. Very Funny scene.

Kudos to Minnie Driver and Dan Aykroyd, who keep pace with George Armitage’s splendid direction. Most especially, Joan Cusack is spot on as the Mechanic’s Job Coordinator.

There is not enough room on the CD to put all the great music from this film on. Listen for SiouxSie and The Banshees, Jimmy Reed, and Nena underscoring some of the scenes.

The music that makes it to the CD is a treat. Contributions from Queen & David Bowie, Pete Townshend, Violent Femmes, and Johnnie Nash are happening.

This movie is going to be a classic because of the proximity of humour to such a dark character. Funny, funny stuff!

Internet Listening Pleasure: Under Pressure, I Can See Clearly Now, Let My Love Open The Door E. Cola Mix, Blister 2000.


  1. I’m sold! Wow, i even know the music, even the Femmes. Great review. You are funny so if you laughed, i’m there!


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