by Emery Columna –

Some movies are easy to relate to and the work by the director of that movie is really autopilot, pick the check up at the mailbox.
Barry Levinson’s work seems to be about conveying stories about things everyone can Not relate to.

A lot of the conflict regarding this movie has been misdirected by ultra-sensitive religious types. I don’t think God really gives a flying fuck about how we humans interpret anything to do with him, or the ethics surrounding shepherds tending to his flock…

The point I got out of this movie is about REVENGE. Somebody I worked with back in New York once told me that revenge was a dish best served COLD.

Here in Sleepers Levinson unwittingly serves up the frozen pizza in the scene where the two children, grown to men, encounter their oppressor 20 years later.

Everybody lies. I can relate to that. Tell me about revenge and how to execute it when the hinge turns…Wow!

The emotions conveyed by the actors at the advent of revenge is something I could not relate to, since I’ve not served up a frozen pizza. That is what the great directors are made of: The ability to make you feel through an actor a feeling that you’ve never experienced.

Levinson’s got the knack. And such is the nature of the muse in this soundtrack that causes me to spout from the feelings John Williams’ music emotes.

Internet Listening Pleasure: Hell’s Kitchen, The Football Game, Revenge, Reunion and Finale.

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