Collective Soul has suffered no loss of integrity in the time between albums leading up to this Sonic Deluxe. I swear to God, this band has got a finger on the pulse of Pop sensibility without coming across all gooey and gushing. There is an underlying intensity and earnestness between the lines that you’ll have to read for yourself, if you’re tuned-in.

Atlantic sent me the advance in cassette form, so I didn’t have my finger on the fast forward of my remote for this one…Actually, Atlantic did me a favor by sending the tape, although I prefer CD’s because I can get to the Hit faster and move on to the next album. So for Disciplined Breakdown I allowed myself the rare opportunity (these days) to actually enjoy an album for its Sonic Worth.

There are at least 9, count them, songs that can be Serviced To Radio. They will all fly on the charts! An outstanding feat, since most bands have trouble coming up with ONE.

I’d spin “Maybe” once “Precious Declaration” reaches cruising altitude.

Disciplined Breakdown is a Record Man’s dream come true. Collective Soul seems poised to be a longevity player in this business and a Cash Cow for Atlantic Records.

Kudos to Ed Roland 4 production and to his outstanding engineer, Greg Archilla, for delivering one of the Best Albums of 1997!


Internet Listening Pleasure: Precious Declaration, Maybe, Full Circle, Blame, Disciplined Breakdown, Forgiveness, Giving, In Between, Crowded Head, Everything.

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