Zella Day Photography by Alexandra Valenti

by Emery Columna –

Zella Day makes music for movies not yet made… I hear Zella’s music in a soundtrack.

Check out Shadow Preachers and Compass. These songs have a strong cinematic vibe to them and a lushness I associate with film. Zella’s songs make me want to go see the movie!

After listening to this album several times, I get the impression that I am dealing with an OLD Soul. Zella is not your typical girl singer. I do not consider the material in her songs, or her delivery to be soda pop.

Zella’s tone reminds me of Nina Persson of The Cardigans, but with a feathery breathiness all her own.

Emery’s Rating: MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure

MAAF Box Listening Pleasure: Jerome, Ace of Hearts, East Of Eden, Hypnotic, Shadow Preachers, Compass.

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