STEVE HUNTER - Karen Hunter Photo by Karen Hunter

When we sat down to talk with legendary guitarist Steve Hunter about his career and his life, we also asked him about the gear he uses.

Custom Pickups – Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan also offers meticulous plans/notes kept on file for if someone else wants to order them.

Strings – Rotosound

9s and 10s. Depending on the project. But Rotosound’s strings give off a nice warm tone and break in easily.

Amps – Fender ’65 reissues/Marshall/ProTools

The amp depends on the project. And sometimes ProTools comes in handy the most with its amp modeling. On the subject of if you can make a Marshall sound clean, that answer is a big “yes”!


Strats vs. Humbuckers. It depends on the project.

Picks – Fender Medium

Again, depends on the sound. But generally, a medium for its sound. Though sometimes a metal pick is preferable though they are harder to find.

Be sure to listen to the interview for all details on Steve’s gear.



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