by Emery Columna –

It is so fitting that Isaak record a song by Roy Orbison, because Roy’s is the vibration I get whenever I hear Chris sing. Isaak’s got this haunting, brooding depth to his delivery that is so Orbison.

I’ve been meaning to comment on this patented High Definition Compatible Digital technology that seems to be the domain of certain Warner Brothers product, but HDCD truly shines with this recording. The pickup on vocals, strings, brushes…anything that moves, is a clarity I’ve not heard with other extant technologies.

The sound on this album is great! That must be Lee Herschberg’s fault…I can hear the air inside Kenney Dale Johnson’s kick push. Very cool.

“Think Of Tomorrow” is Chris Isaak’s 3 Minute Hit.

MAAF BOX listening pleasure: Only The Lonely, South Of The Border, I Wonder, Two Hearts, Dancin’, Think Of Tomorrow.

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