A still from Adam Jones' Angels Forever.

by Warren Buchholz –

Adam Jones uses colour to his advantage here in his short film Angels Forever: earthly tones from the beginning to represent a more grounded representation of life; compared to the hue of pinkish/purplish light that engulfs us after our darkened silhouette steps through the doorway and into a universe unknown.

A couple of thoughts run through me: the explosion of this lavender haze has me thinking of a music video by The Cure or something similar. The dreamlike aura feels like the best of Greg Araki or of David Lynch. This also feels new though–refreshing.

“I wonder what they see-who am I in their hearts?”

We’re given poetry from our narrator in a soft echo. This is a new layer added ontop of the stunning visual elements and gorgeous strings that guide us along like Virgil taking us deeper into the abyss.

“Do they know I wish to die?” The dreamworld feels like death. Perhaps the two are the same, and the calm serenade of fragmented moments throughout are the reflections of a life lived now lost between our reality and somewhere within the fog of this dream-like state. The faces of others appear. Perhaps angels. Perhaps those close to us either lost themselves or are the projections of memories we have of them. The lone man bellowing “hello” makes us embrace this new world.

This is nearly a vignette, or a stream of consciousness event. Reflecting back to the best day of our main character’s life, as told by the woman dancing in the field. Or perhaps it’s an embodiment of sheer joy. The moment makes the film. The bleached overtone and change in strings, which, at times, gives me a cool Zoe Keating vibe, shows us that these moments in our lives matter, even as we traverse states of being and reflection.

Every shot has purpose in this experience as well as the colours that exemplify and enrich the dreams we see. I definitely dug how these scenes unfolded, and I want more from Adam Jones. Throw this man your money. I want to see his craft and technique continue to improve with every short he puts out. And I want him to make money, so he can put out his first full length feature. The film industry needs more people like him who want to experiment and have the ability to create visual poetry.

Give Angels Forever a good couple of watches. Take in the images and the colours. Feel the serenity pass through you. Independent films are the future of the movie making industry. Relish in the fact that is talent in this area, and that the future looks pretty friggin’ bright.

Check out more from Adam here.


  1. Adam Jones // March 21, 2016 at 5:44 pm // Reply

    The best review I ever had. Thank you so much Warren for appreciating this artistic short film of mine.

    Liked by 1 person

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