by M.V. Essick –

There’s a goth club in Ybor that is famous—or rather infamous depending on who you ask—for its crowd and its atmosphere. It’s dark to the point that you can barely see your hands in front of you while the smoke from all the clove cigarettes and B.O. waifs in the air. Truth be told, aside from those one or two encounters, I’ve never really had an inkling of a reason to come back.

Except for the music the club plays. I don’t know what it was about this place, but they’ve always managed to play some downright decent tunes. Days ago I came across Them Are Us Too, an electronic goth band hailing from Santa Cruz (which is odd because you would think a band of that sort of caliber would be from Germany or Europe.)

In their first studio album, Remain, they’ve somehow managed to capture that eerie magic of the blissful macabre without putting you to sleep. One listen of “Eudaemonia” and I was transported into a euphoric trance. The gentle Theremin humming in the background following Kennedy Ashlyn’s soft ghoulish yet mournful wails is enough to make even the most bitter goth weep with blissful ecstasy.

The rest of the album is filled with other hidden gems. “False Moon” and “Creepy Love” are some of my personal favorites. I picture myself playing these tracks as cozy atmospheric music while entertaining friends. “964 MI” has some wonderful guitar riffs that fade in and out the digital soundscape that give off a cool and weird electro vibe. I got soft wafting vibes of Slowdive throughout some of these tunes, especially after listening to “964 MI”.

Now thanks to Remain, Them Are Us Too, which is also a non-binary Femme duo and that’s really cool, has proven to us that goth music doesn’t have to be a woefully sullen tryst to the listener. And most importantly, it does not have to be painful on the ears. While the post-goth days of The Cure and Joy Division are mostly over, we have a new wave of great music for the early 21st century generation that is an honest reminder to the heyday of goth, which is all we can ever ask for.

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