by Emery Columna-

Steve Vai is a monster. Vai is like an F-14 with the wings trimmed to the triangle, GE’s at full afterburn…the way Chuck Sewell used to tickle the tree tops over Old Field, Long Island. We are talking about an AIR superiority fighter.

Anyway, the cat is one of very few people on this planet that can harness the power of Air. Get ready for the G3 Tour…Vai’s Rig is going to create a wind…the air is going to move, baby! Vai’s work with David Lee Roth on Eat ‘Em And Smile really got my attention. Fire Garden will get your attention and hold it all the way through track 18.

I don’t know why Vai should be so quick to consider his vocals nugatory. Sure, he’s no Ron James Dio, but Vai’s vocal tone is right in sync with anything in Mainstream Rock. Check out the tracks after “Deepness” and you’ll know what I mean. “Warm Regards” is Vai’s warranty that he can always shutup and play guitar.

MAAF BOX Listening Pleasure: There’s A fire In The House, The Crying Machine, Dyin’ Day, Hand On Heart, Little Alligator, All About Eve, Warm Regards.


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