by Emery Columna

Jason from Republic Records texted me or twittered me… anyway, he asked me to check out the Artists on his roster and let him know what I think.

I’d been meaning to check out Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown but got side tracked until a buddy at my day gig was like, “Hey what do you think about this dude’s sound?” So I listen and I hear Jon Bon Jovi meets Son House.

I dig it.

I am reviewing two albums to sort of bring myself up to speed on this groovy cat. His stuff has been around since 2013, but I was still retired from the Music Business at that time. So I am late to the party on this one, but I want to weigh in now.

Wild Child

This band intrigues me because Brad Whitford’s son is the other guitar player in the twin lead/rhythm set up this band has got going on. Graham Whitford has seen, hung out with, and heard all the great guitarists first hand through his father’s connection to Aerosmith and all that entails. I doubt Graham would attach himself to any new band if the members couldn’t carry their own weight in water.

I’ve liked the steel guitar/resonator/slide for a while now, but never had any cause to write about it.

Until now.

Tyler Bryant is right in step with anything coming out of the school of John Mooney or Eric Sardinas. That is saying something because the TONE has to be spot on to move anyone like me with a steel guitar. I dig that about you, bro. Stay true to it. There are serious shoes that need filling and you, my brother, need to lace them up! A serious void is about to hit the Music Industry and people like Tyler Bryant NEED TO GET the opportunity to fill that space with THIS type of music.

This album is balanced nicely with a sequence that favors steel guitar & slide / Strat & Les Paul equally.

STILL YOUNG (Hey Kids) and WHERE I WANT YOU are radio friendly hits that I have no clue if anyone did anything with. If not, what a shame.

From the fuzzed out resonator to the overdriven Strat tones, this is straight up Blues Rock.

MAAF Box Listening Pleasure: Fools Gold, Cold Heart, Downtown Tonight, Say a Prayer, Last One Leaving, Poor Boy’s Dream, Still Young (Hey Kids), Where I Want You.

MAAF BOX RATING: MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure


The Wayside

I don’t like what they are doing to Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown on this EP.

It bothers me big time.

No offense to John Varvatos, but are we trying to sell music or clothing? I am all about the music and promoting the Musician/Artist. Stick to clothing, brother, and leave the Music to US.

I love Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, but that doesn’t mean I want them to sound like Alice In Chains or the soundtrack for some runway at a fashion show!

If it wasn’t for Mojo Workin and The Wayside, this EP wouldn’t get any boxes. So a box for both, but that’s it.

Whoever is the A&R man on this EP… You are obstructing an Artist and you probably don’t know it or just don’t care enough about Tyler’s true genius to hear the destruction.

MAAF Box Listening Pleasure: Mojo Workin, The Wayside.

MAAF Box Rating: MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure

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