51T1YLDHTrLby Warren Buchholz

I’m late with finding out the news of Aaron Huffman’s death, and in doing so, it made me relisten to one of my favourite albums.

I fell out of love with the world a little more when Harvey Danger left the stage in 2009. But while they were here, they put out some pretty damn good albums, including their final studio album, Little By Little, which continued to show that they were giants in the indie rock world.

Harvey Danger has always been smart about their songs, and Little By Little is no different. The album maintains the musically literate truthful choices that the band has upheld since day one, making them a richer and more lyrically conscious band than they’re given credit for.

Listen to the keys on this album. Listen to how they wrap around and take hold of the songs. Jeff J. Lin made songs like “Little Round Mirrors” and “Moral Centralia” come to life, and I don’t think any of what’s on the album would be as memorable if Lin had not been doing his thing. Then take a relisten and hone in on Aaron Huffman’s use of distorted bass and the way he played rhythm to make the album truly come together.

Little By Little is sprinkled with gems that really rocked with songs like “Picture, Picture” and “Diminishing Returns” that reminded us we still carried pieces of the late ‘90s with us, while “What You Live By” and “Wine, Women and Song” brought us into the mid-2000s indie rock world with bands like The Decemberists and The Long Winters.

If you take away anything, take away the truthful lyrics and the fanciful melodies, and know that there is no better feeling than curbing loneliness in a city past midnight by driving around and belting out the lyrics to “Moral Centralia” on repeat. No better feeling at all.

And if you need more of a Harvey Danger fix, Sean Nelson released a solo album a few years ago, and it’ll make do.

Album tracks:

  1. “Wine, Women, and Song”
  2. “Cream and Bastards Rise”
  3. “Moral Centralia”
  4. “Little Round Mirrors”
  5. “Happiness Writes White”
  6. “Incommunicado”
  7. “Cool James”
  8. “What You Live By”
  9. “War Buddies”
  10. “Diminishing Returns”

MAAF BOX LISTENING PLEASURE: Moral Centralia, Little Round Mirrors, Wine Women and Song, Happiness Writes White, What You Live By, Diminishing Returns

MAAF BOX RATING: MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure

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