Photo by Brian Roettinger

by M.V. Essick

Summertime is painfully notorious for peak catchy sing-a-long pop songs that flood the radio waves this time of year. In Local Native’s recent Indie hit “Villainy”, we get a taste of soulful melancholic vocals and pessimistic lyrics, sandwiched between new wave riffs that make a catchy track.

The song starts off as such:
“Mine is a chrome palace/
Los in Los Angeles/
I know that I’ll make it through/”

Hm, not too shabby, sounds like your standard indie pop track…

“I want to start again/
My Crime fits the Punishment/
wasting my time”

Bam, that’s where they get you. Thoughts start to race as the track progresses. What happened to this man? Well, whatever happened, it brings to us to the reality that sometimes summertime isn’t as chalked up as it’s meant to be. With “Villainy”, Local Natives capture exactly what Lana del Ray tried to do five years ago and completely missed the mark on.

It’s the musical equivalent of crying when it’s a bright sunny day outside with your sunglasses plastered on your face…and it’s perfect.

Local Natives’ new album, Sunlit Youth, drops September 8, 2016.

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