by MAAF BOX Staff –

Happy Fourth Everyone! Here’s a summer playlist perfect for a summer drive or just a lazy day out in the sun.

“Bang!” by Raveonettes – In And Out Of Control

I found this gem years ago while listening to an indie station and the band has turned into a staple of mine ever since.  Bang! Is a little bit more uptempo compared other songs that the Raveonettes typical style, but nothing too out of character and it keeps things f-f-fun.

“Quicksand” by La Roux – La Roux

Yes, Virginia, there is a way to incorporate steel drums into your music without sounding tacky. And this song proves it. Tropical beats with Elly Jackson’s velvety vocals are sure to sweep you off your feet.

“Sea Castle” by Purity Ring – another eternity

A techno track that’s got enough rhythm to still keep up with the festiveness of any party, but chill enough for those lazy summer vibes.

“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” by The Flaming Lips ft. Miley Cyrus – With A Little Help From My Fwends

If there was ever a way to sound more psychedelic than taking a time machine and transplanting yourself to Woodstock, the Flaming Lips have nailed it! This cover of The Beatles’ classic is wayyyy more far out there. Miley’s voice adds a surprising layer of depth as well.

“Drive” by Halsey – BADLANDS

If I could think of a song that captures the embodiment of summer it would have to be this Halsey hit from her album Badlands. Name aside, the song wistfulness describes the feeling of a certain aimlessness this time of the year.

“Orange Sky” by Alexi Murdoch – Four Songs

It’s chill and relaxing, and it always reminds me of those beautiful sunsets across the water while spent with good friends as we reflect on life.

“Sloop John B” by The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

I have always found something very warm about this song, and I always feel that this song, and most Beach Boys songs, are fit for playing during the summer.

“Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day – American Idiot

I enjoy playing American Idiot during the 4th of July for the common ironic reasons. The album is gold, and it’s hard to pick off just one track.

“Stolen Car” by Beth Orton – Central Reservation

I remember hearing this song a while back during this time of the year, and it just stuck with me. Good times.

“In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime

This really doesn’t need an explanation. It’s a fun song.

“Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street E.P.

A happy song that rocks and rolls! “Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street!”

AND BECAUSE IT’S FOURTH OF JULY – “The Girl Is Mine” by Stephen Colbert and John Legend

Stephen Colbert – The Girl Is Mine from nicole on Vimeo.

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