by M.V. Essick

I didn’t know what was wrong with me this week, but it was clearly something I couldn’t shake. Deadlines were looming overhead, and yet there I was paralysed with an inescapable urge of not wanting to do a ruddy thing.

I haven’t done anything that had required me to tap into my personal artistic gifts in over a week. My mind was becoming an anxious frenzy from being confined by the weight of stress.

Without warning, I left my apartment and set off on a road trip with my friends for the weekend. Brash split decisions aside, I found that surrounding myself with other creatives was the ticket to getting out of my personal purgatory.

While trying to search for “feel good” indie music for the trip, I came across the band  Good Air. Stephen Marsiano describes his project as a “One man, two-handed, transcontinental band. Acoustic bedroom indie-pop.” as he calls himself. I’ve personally never heard of Acoustic bedroom indie-pop, but perhaps listening to this track it becomes quite apparent that Good Air knows what he’s doing.

The guitar rifts have a nice melody to them. Marsiano’s voice is soft and gentle but surprisingly lively as he quickly spits out lyrics.

I could have written this off as yet another indie “summer song” just as I could have written off my little summer excursion as ” a creative takes cutesy road trip to beat the droll of summer” cliche, but in doing so, it would have been an insult to the more subtle forces at work.

“Brian Is the Worst Name” is a part of Good’s Air’s newest EP called I Am The Healthy Option.

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