By Lavanya –

With several original series and movies, streaming company Netflix has truly spread its magic all around.  Known for its short seasons, power packed performances, gripping storyline and excellent cast, every show toils to be more entertaining than the other. Not restricting itself to any specific genre or style, Netflix has expanded its domain to comedy, drama, romance, thrill, sci-fi and adventure. One such original series that has made an instant connection with its audience is the political drama House of Cards. Recipient of several awards in various categories, this series has been earning appreciation, recognition, praises and affection from the viewers along every season. With a successful journey of four seasons till 2016, the series is all prepared for its next in 2017. Running along 13 episodes in each season, this political drama has managed to capture the undivided attention of the audience right till the end.

Originally released in February 2013, this series has been marching ahead with success. Revolving around politics, strategies, government, manipulation, ideas, planning and execution, the series offers a close view of the US political system. With Washington D.C as the primary city and White house as the central theme, House of Cards succeeds in depicting some resemblance with real-life. Though I often express my sincere affection towards comedy genre alone, House of Cards was surprisingly able to grip my attention right from Day 1. After frequent attempts, when my husband was finally able to convince me about this series, I unknowingly enjoyed it while looking forward to more. With unexpected twists and turns, power-packed performances, engaging dialogues and sudden changes, this series offers unlimited loads of entertainment.

House of Cards offers glimpses of real political life where manipulating, cheating, blackmailing, and lying serve as the primary ingredients of the series. We follow the journey of Congressman Francis Underwood and his environmentalist wife Claire through their struggles for revenge, wealth, recognition and dominance. The series takes the viewers through their challenges, troubles, insecurities, and failures. Following Francis in his ideas, plans, thoughts and beliefs, the series portrays him as the main protagonist with an occasional exchange of words with the viewers. As Francis reveals his selfish motives for a particular move or his hidden ideas about a certain plan, the series succeeds in forming an instant connection with the audience.

Though political strategies and work of the government form the central theme of this series, it does not focus on technical aspects alone. By taking the viewers through the typical thought process of politicians and Government officials, the series strives to introduce the complex world through simple acts.  A race for power, fame and status dominate the plot of this series that brings loads of interesting changes along the way. House of Cards has been successful in raising its level of drama, thrill, uncertainties and surprises with each passing season. Unique characters and a talented cast justify these interesting roles, and they form some of the best highlights of the series.

Powerful acting and excellent screen presence form the highlights of actor Kevin Spacey, while he portrays the character of congressman Francis Underwood. Bringing his character to life, Kevin depicts the expressions, thoughts, attitude and feel of a cunning Government official, effortlessly. Though the character resorts to unacceptable actions and ideas for gaining power, his genuine acting has managed to attract the viewers’ attention through the entire series, so far. Be it happiness, sorrow, anger, frustration, cruelty or cunningness, Kevin portrays every emotion with ease.

Portraying the role of Francis’s wife Claire Underwood, actress Robin Wright enhances the success quotient of this series. Standing as a firm support for her husband, yet reflecting ambition, success, power and fame in her work, Robin has truly won the hearts of her viewers. By portraying the complexity of her character in a simple manner, Robin has justified her role as a strong, confident and intelligent woman.

Truly an addictive series that grabs the attention along every episode, the makers of this show have undoubtedly created a masterpiece. Though each of the four seasons has a fewer number of episodes, the series deserves credit for packing great entertainment within a small package. Keeping the audience away from parameters such as boredom, aimless acting, long-stretching storyline and powerless performances – House of Cards has ensured the best experience for its viewers.


Watch this series for its interesting storylines, complicated plots, intelligent strategies, and flawless acting. Based on one of the most influential aspects that affect the country, the series certainly knows its goals loud and clear!

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