by Lavanya

While I am always on the hunt for television series based on comedy, humor, family and romance, one look at the synopsis of Netflix original Love convinced me about this perfect choice. Based on the complexities of modern day love, lust, attraction, feelings, emotions and relations, this comedy drama seemed interesting, exciting, novel and unique. As a member of late 20’s club, I could easily connect with the characters, setup, plot and storyline. Revolving around the lives of two confused protagonists Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust), the series offers a complete novel look at the concept of modern love.

As a perfect occasion for its release, season 1 was launched during Valentine’s week in February 2016. With a package of ten episodes, makers Judd ApatowPaul Rust, and Lesley Arfin ensured a power-packed season for the audience. While season 2 shall release during the next year, the wait for its comeback will be truly worth it.

Based within one of the most happening cities of the United States, the series explores the complications of love in the Hollywood ambiance of Los Angeles. Disappointed and rejected by his girlfriend, while an extremely loyal and faithful Gus experiences the hardships of love; his chance encounter with rebellious Mickey changes his life forever. With dependence on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and lust, Mickey’s take on love seems to be completely different. While doubting the concept of true love, relation and friendship, Mickey’s character often fails to believe in the bond of trust. As Mickey and Gus explore the domain of their friendship, they realize several interesting changes in the course of their lives.

One of the most winning highlights of this series is the simplicity of its story and real-life appeal of the plot. Though Mickey and Gus are the central protagonists of the show, the story projects their insecurities, challenges, troubles and awkwardness in the true light. Refraining from creating false images of the characters, the plot explores their true strengths and weakness.

Interesting turn of events during every passing episode kept me tuned right till the end. Be it, honestly, of Mickey’s words or genuine display of her feelings, be it attachment, love, care and concern of Gus or his sincere desire to make things work, both the characters brought the story to life. Besides these central characters of Mickey and Gus, support of the surrounding elements add charm and interest to the story. Gus’s job as an on-set tutor and Mickey’s role as the program manager at a satellite radio station lead them into several interesting situations.

Though both of them hope for a simple encounter with love, they always manage to enter into complicated troubles. From unnecessarily sleeping with the boss to save her job to sending her roommate on a date with Gus, from acting abnormal and crazy at a friend’s house party to feeling jealous by Gus’s new work colleague, Mickey seems to attract troubles, quite easily. Gus’s awkward love relations with an actress on the sets, followed by his unusual actions to fit into the team as a writer culminate into terrible experiences for this dark horse.

Justifying their roles in every way, Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust have added several stars to this series. With her realistic acting, excellent screen presence, magnetic personality and depiction of true emotions, Gillian Jacob portrays the free-will character of Mickey in a perfect manner. Known for playing a wide array of roles in television and movies, Gillian has got her unique style, bringing Mickey’s character to life. An actor, comedian and writer, Paul’s role as the sensitive Gus depicts the shades of awkwardness, sincerity, honesty and concern in a true light. Known for his stand-up comedy shows and scripts, Paul Rust brought the charm of humor in this comedy drama, effortlessly.

With this, as the season 1 of this new series succeeded in its agenda, I am truly excited to experience the next phase in their colorful love lives.

Will Mickey overcome her addiction problems and accept Gus’s love?

Will Gus find his true calling in terms of career and love, someplace else?

Whether the two will accept the complications of their love lives and walk over separate paths?

At this moment, all we can do is wait and watch. Hope this ‘LOVE’ will make us fall in love with it, all over again!

What are your thoughts on this series? Leave your comments below. Got any cool bands, movies, or television shows you want us to review? Leave it in the comments. If we like it, we’ll review it.

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