Illuminated train traveling past at night with the bright carriage windows shining in the twilight sky

By Warren Buchholz

I came across this song by Sidney Gish a few weeks back when M.V. gave me their next Indie Spotlight. Soundcloud randomly began playing this song, and as I was about to exit from the page, I began listening.

This song is so charming, I sat back in my chair and felt my stress lift for a few minutes. I love Sidney’s voice, and I love how calming it is. The layers composed, from the haunting echoey “ooh” to the slight stringing of an electric guitar bring a new depth to what could be a solely acoustic piece. It sounds lo-fi, but that also makes the song. Some things do not need to be perfect, and this is one instance.

I’ve been wanting a new change of environment for a while now, and I can relate to that building wanderlust and urges to travel, which are simmering inside of me, like the lyrics encapsulate.

I’m the passenger seat queen of the east coast
this megalopolis is all I’ll ever know
when I’m done exploring this I think I’ll miss
this megalopolis wherever I decide to go

Everything about this is brilliant. I’m to go listen to the rest of her song collection, but this song should be a hit. Somebody make it happen, STAT!


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