By Lavanya

Combine perfect portions of music, comedy, drama, romance; and the output will surprise you with an entertaining series that shall engage you right till the end. One such series that has won my heart since the first episode is the fresh story of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. With a talented cast that fit into their roles perfectly and a novel storyline that has never been attempted before, this series is a modern world example of humor and fun. After its first season with 18 episodes in 2016, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is slated for its next season towards the year end. A CW production that has been successful right from the start, this series is now available on Netflix. For those of you who have not experienced its magic yet, now is the right time to enjoy before the start of season two.

Fueling my interest towards comedy and light-hearted series, the charm of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is undoubtedly worth in every way.

Revolving around the life of a successful, confident, ambitious and intelligent woman Rebecca Bunch (Racheal Bloom), the series portrays her hunt for happiness. Though blessed with money, power, respect and success, Rebecca experiences sorrow and boredom in her professional life at New York. While her career offers numerous opportunities for promotion, she realizes the lack of happiness. A chance encounter with her ex-love interest Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) changes her life forever. Though Josh’s career in New York was interesting and successful, his search for happiness forces him to move back to his hometown West Covina, California. Assuming it to be a solution for her own troubles too, Rebecca decides to follow Josh to this happy land.

Rebecca leaves her job and her home to explore a new city, new job, new colleagues and friends. The story appears funny, entertaining and full of surprises. Simplicity and honesty form the central theme of this series. Along with occasional songs in the story, it retains high levels of entertainment quotient. As Rebecca strives to become one with the new surroundings, her hilarious encounters and interesting circumstances create numerous moments of fun.

Though Rebecca denies her real reason for the big move, she realizes her feelings of love towards Josh. While Josh enjoys his time with this long-lost friend, his controlling girlfriend Valencia brings several twists in the tale. Along her journey, as Rebecca makes new friends and connections in West Covina, the story seems totally interesting. From best friend and colleague Paula who helps her reconnect with Josh to supportive boss Darryl who respects her a lot, from Josh’s best friend Greg who has a confusing relation to Valencia-Josh couple who drive her away, Rebecca’s life is surrounded by exciting drama and unexpected twists. Truly entertaining in every way, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a relaxing show after a hard day.

With perfect involvement of humor, sarcasm, comedy and music, the series retains the fun right till the end. As every episode has something unique to offer, the season does not suffer from any traces of boredom. Excellent script and flawless plot mark the flow of this series, exhibiting the talent of every person involved. Be it writer, actors, director or editor, every single member has contributed towards the success of the series. Moving through several ups and downs as Rebecca realizes the true meaning of her life, the story enters into an interesting domain. An important highlight of this series that made a special place in my heart is the depiction of relations. Strong bonds of affection between Rebecca and her friend Paula or between Rebecca and her boss Darryl are much stronger than a real family.

As an actress, comedian and writer, Rachel Bloom has played the role of the crazy ex-girlfriend in a perfect manner. Bringing her elements of humor to the script, Rachel has excellent screen presence throughout the series. By depicting a wide range of emotions, she has truly justified her role.

As we wait for the second season, the excitement shall be totally worth it. Whether Rebecca and Josh start a new lease of life together or whether Greg and Valencia play spoilsport, whether West Covina creates a special place in Rebecca’s heart or whether she chooses to go back to her old life, several questions shall be answered in the next course of action.

Till then enjoy the craziness of this crazy series!

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