Photo by: Steven Diaz

by MV Essick

Common Indie music stereotypes dictate that in order for your favorite band to reach legendary immortality status they must hail from out west: California, Portland—typically the more rainy, miserable and closer to Pacific, the better.

For a Florida kid with a love for all things alternative, this unspoken rule always bummed me out. Often times I would listen to bands that I adored like The Flaming Lips or The Dandy Warhols wondering what it must be like for the locals who knew these acts before they got, well, you know, big.

Fast forward to my late twenties and I live in a roaring Floridian city that’s five times of the dinky backwoods hometown of my childhood. I only came here for college, but little did I know, there was a bustling music scene here.

Enter Pathos, Pathos—the four-man indie band with catchy riffs and saccharine melodies sure to make even the most cynical flannel-clad hipster melt. Their newest album Pet Names doesn’t miss the mark in the slightest.

Our Picks: “Back at the Start” rattling drums paired with mellow infectious guitar chords are perfect for this album opener. “Summer Nights” takes that same snappy guitar vibe and gives it a bit of an upbeat twang that gives this otherwise emotionally heavy song some light-hearted effervescence.

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