by Lavanya –

Netflix has been offering great doses of entertainment from the past few years. What started off as a streaming service for old movies and series soon transformed into an independent entertainment hub with original masterpieces in every genre. From comedy to thrill, sci-fi to horror, romantic to kids’ attractions, Netflix has entered into every domain with success. Power packed series with short seasons and influential movies with novel ideas mark the original wonders of Netflix.

Continuing my hunt for comedy series and movies, when I landed on the synopsis of movie Special Correspondents, the plot appeared entertaining and interesting. A novel storyline that has been never thought before, this movie revolves around adventures of New York radio station correspondent and his technician, while striving to report the best news. Released on 29th April 2016 over Netflix, this British-Canadian-American comedy movie will truly entertain the viewers right till the end. Talented cast, a fresh storyline, smooth flow and loads of surprises mark Special Correspondents that truly earns the credit of being different from all.

News Radio journalist Frank Bonneville (Eric Bana) is famous among his team members for bringing first coverage of any major events, increasing the popularity of their radio station. By making use of false names, incorrect identities, wrong information and his unusual tactics, Frank manages to get the best pieces for his radio station. Though his boss Mallard (Kevin Pollak) disapproves of his incorrect means and warns him repeatedly, Frank enjoys the short-cut journey towards fame. While Frank makes use of short ways to present the first coverage of every news within the city, an unexpected event demands his presence in the country of Ecuador.

With an aim to cover the news of the war in Ecuador, when Mallard sends Frank and sound technician Ian Finch (Ricky Gervais) at the crime scene, the plot begins to gain momentum. Known for his unusual means and quick-witted tricks, Frank’s future course of action seems totally entertaining. While recovering from a heart break and fight with his wife, Ian Finch’s nervous talks with Frank brings lots of hilarious moments along. A major careless mistake by Ian prevents the two from reaching Ecuador. Struck in New York with no courage to face their boss, the two devise plans for covering the war.

Making use of his technical sound skills, as Ian sets a war zone within a café in the neighborhood of the radio station, the story fills with loads of surprises. Support and help from the humble café owners Brigida and Domingo (America Ferrera and Raúl Castillo) bring colors to the course of this interesting action, as the four toil together for the coverage of news. From false noises of bombs and firing to loud talks by the café owners, from serious sounding stories by Frank to hunt for more novel ideas, as Frank and Ian continue this drama, the movie truly entertains. As one lies leads to the other, the two get caught within their false stories. A story that amplifies its entertainment quotient with every passing moment, Special Correspondents is able to hold the interest of the audience right till the end.

Hoping to make their story spicier, Frank and Ian invent false men who are behind the war. As this brings tension to the radio station staff at New York, Mallard reaches out to the US embassy for safe return of his employees. By throwing away their sim cards to avoid further questioning by their boss, both these men invite false doubts about the kidnapping. Numerous unexpected surprises decorate the flow of the story that originated from a single lie. Involvement of embassy, media, rival radio stations and news channels for the safety of these two employees shapes into a major event within a few days. With an aim to fulfill her own selfish motive of fame and publicity, as Ian’s wife initiates donation drives for her husband and appears on several television shows, the comedy could not have been better.

A fantastic story with entertaining twists and turns, the movie progresses ahead with more hilarious adventures, as the two struggle to find their way out. Eric Bana has done complete justice to the role with his own unique appealing style and excellent screen presence. By supporting Eric in a flawless manner, Ricky Gervais has enhanced the level of this movie.

Watch this movie for its totally new concept and hilarious laughter ride!

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