by Lavanya

An extremely dynamic series with fun, humor, drama, entertainment, surprises and unexpected events, Jane the Virgin is an all-in-one package for the audience. Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, this American satirical romantic comedy drama has diverse shades that work together for unlimited entertainment. Revolving around the life of a young Latin, religious woman Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) and her unusual encounters in life, the series has been extremely popular till date. After two successful seasons since October 2014, this CW television network production is slated for its third season in October 2016. With 22 episodes in both the seasons each, Jane the Virgin has certainly formed a strong bond with the audience.

While browsing over the television for my usual dose of comedy, Netflix offered the chance to explore two seasons of this interesting entertainment. As the storyline gained momentum along every episode, the series kept me engaged right till the end. While I wait for the third season in the next few months, I am confident about its amplified form of entertainment. Based in the fun-filled city of Miami, Florida; Jane the Virgin has a wonderful backdrop to its credit. Interesting storyline, amazing cast, wonderful narration and unique script mark the flow of this series that is truly one of its kind in the comedy scenario on television. A novel feature of this series is the voice of an enthusiastic narrator that takes the viewers through the tale, adding his unique charm along the way.

Jane the Virgin takes the viewers through the story of a career-oriented, ambitious, independent, loving and hard working woman Jane who works in a famous restaurant Marbella. With a passion for writing and a degree in teaching, this 23-year-old woman sets a plan for her life and several unexpected turns change its course. Born to an unmarried teenage mother Xiomara, Jane promises her grandmother to stay virgin til marriage. While following her promise sincerely and staying determined to her goals, Jane and her fiancé Michael bond together as best friends. Strong bond of affection between each of the characters makes the series lively and realistic. Be it mother-daughter bond between Jane and Xiomara or affection between Jane and her orthodox grandmother, be it tie between Michael and Jane or Jane’s equation with her fellow colleagues, every connection comes to life. Though Jane looks forward to a peaceful life with Michael, an unexpected accident of artificial insemination changes her world upside down.

While a case of medical negligence by the doctor inseminates ‘virgin Jane’ with sperm sample of her own boss Rafael, Jane’s pregnancy surprises everyone to no end. With this, as Jane prepares for her new role of motherhood, all her plans disappear. From decisions about the baby to discussions with Rafael, from increasing distance from Michael to spending more time with the new father, the storyline appears extremely interesting. Besides the central focus on Jane, the background is crowded with several stories and interesting drama. Reconnection between Jane and her real father Rogelio de la Vega, politics in the restaurant of Marbella between Rafael and his divorced wife Petra, the involvement of a drug lord in the functioning of the restaurant color the course of this series.

With the birth of her son Mateo, as Jane experiences the journey of motherhood, the storyline has been novel along every episode. A smooth moving story with entertainment, fun, humor and peace, Jane the Virgin forms an excellent entertainment piece for the family. Sudden surprises and sweet shocks make it interesting as every episode has something different to offer. Without much artificial glamor, I love the simple depiction of this tale that manages to catch the attention of the viewers throughout the series.

Flawless casting is a striking highlight of this series as every actor has justified their role perfectly. Be it Jane’s loving nature or Xiomara’s passion for life, Rogelio’s love for fame or Michael’s trustworthy nature, every character has unique factors to its name. Realistic acting of every character is the feature to look forward to, as Jane the Virgin succeeds in bringing the story to life.

Depicting the character of Jane, actress Gina Rodriguez has truly done a wonderful job. With her powerful screen presence, perfect dialogue delivery and realistic acting, Gina has added several stars to the show.

Watch the magic of the two old seasons on Netflix, while waiting for the third wonder. Jane the Virgin is truly a miracle of entertainment, just as its name!

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