by Lavanya

Superstores and shopping marts are an essential part of our lives. For all our daily needs, as we hop in and out of a market, they seem to stay connected with us. From wide array of products to friendliness of customer care executives, from diverse options of several brands to long bills and expenses, as we turn to these superstores quite often, we certainly depend over them by all means. Imagine a television series that captures this interesting aspect of our daily routine, offering unlimited fun and entertainment in the bargain! This is exactly what NBC series Superstore offers to its viewers as it gears up for its next season premiere on August 19th, 2016. After successful season 1 with 11 entertaining episodes, Superstore is ready for our shopping needs along its second season. Be assured to get all your stock of entertainment, as this series will not disappoint you in any way.

Superstore is a fun-filled comedy drama that revolves around one of the largest chain of supermarkets by the name ‘Cloud 9 superstore’. With an unusual name and unique concept, when NBC started this series in November 2015, I was excited to explore its content. Little did I know that this series will form an interesting part of my entertainment domain, as the characters and plot made it totally colorful in their own way. While the series will return back with yet another masterpiece in August, one can stream the wonders of the previous season through the online NBC app on smart TV.

Marked with hilarious encounters of staff, manager, customers and management, Superstore is an entertainer that can connect with the audience instantly. As it involves a topic that can relate with each one of us, Superstore is one of its kind drama in the comedy category. Every employee in the superstore seems to have a unique feature, bringing lots of laughter along the way. From enthusiastic manager Glenn (Mark McKinney) who has remarkable positive attitude and caring approach for each of his employees to floor manager Amy (America Ferrera) with her sincerity and commitment for the job, from assistant store manager Dina (Lauren Ash) with her unique anti-social beliefs that clash with other employees to a pregnant teen employee Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) with her enthusiastic immature boyfriend, each of the employees bring their own stock of entertainment to color the course of its episodes. Adventures of the newest associate Jonah (Ben Feldman), while he adjusts to work in the new workplace appear totally interesting, as he strives to fit into the game.

Work politics, unreasonable customers, enthusiastic colleagues and spirit to succeed mark the experiences of Jonah who enjoys his new job in every way. With a simple plot, yet novel storyline; Superstore manages to hold the attention of viewers, throughout the series. A perfect break after a long day’s work, this series is truly relaxing and fun-filled. Based on the routine experiences of their duties, every episode brings something new to the table. Be it clashes with the central management of the store chain or special sales and deals for the customers, be it experiences of shoplifters and secret shoppers or contests within the employees, each and every routine aspect is coated with fun, laughter, humor and smiles, while delivering a wholesome experience to the viewers.

Though comedy is the central theme of the show, this series also depicts the emotions and feelings of bond between the coworkers. By exhibiting care, trust, anger, happiness, sorrow and joy among its characters, the show brings real-life relation in its context.

Superstore is unique in its concept as no other series has explored the work environment of employees in a shopping mart. By blending the usual experiences with distinct doses of comedy, Superstore is truly worth watching for the entire family.

Watch this series for its hilarious jokes, unique concept, fun-filled plot and talented cast. Make sure to enjoy season 1, before you wait for the next shopping experience in the next season, after all for all your fun needs, Superstore is the right place to be!

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