by Will Phoenix

Allergic To Texas is the newest audio offering from actress, singer-songwriter and L.A.-based entertainer Suze Lanier-Bramlett.  Having already left her mark on series television, the New York stage and as one of the horror movie genre’s famous scream queens in 1977’s The Hills Have Eyes and the more recent release Cut!, she has just released the follow up to her 2012 album Swamp Cabaret with the Allergic To Texas EP.  The new release features five songs–three of which are new.

The album opener is an intimate cover of her late husband Delaney Bramlett’s song “Hard Time Sleeping Here”.  (Bramlett, of course, was a member of the late 1960s act Delaney & Bonnie & Friends.)  It is a blues-tinged relationship-related piece that maintains the funky groove that was oft’times a part of Bramlett’s tuneful trademarks.

The second song is the title track “Allergic To Texas”. Co-written with E. Salcido, this is a noteworthy new number.  It works as a part of her already established signature sound and storytelling motif  and would be a great addition to her live Swamp Cabaret show.

The song even has an interesting origin.  During one of her more recent visits back home to East Texas, she reportedly “caught a bad case of bronchitis.”  Her physician told her that she very well could be “allergic to Texas.”  She took it as a sign and knew right away it “would be her next song.”

The single from this release is “Facebook”.  It’s a clever cut that is long overdue.  The song, co-credited to D. Suonimen, is about your fave social media network and mine (duh) Facebook.

The next number is “Angel In The Night”.  This, too, was a Bramlett and Bramlett team-up.  It was co-composed the night the late great John Lennon was assassinated.

It’s a slower, country-like cut.  The pair stayed up all night to finish it.   It features current Three Dog Night lead vocalist David Morgan on supporting vocals.

Last but certainly not least is the closing cut  “Watch What You Ask For”.  Co-written with Ron Finn, this pop-prompted piece has a previously released accompanying music video that’s bloody fun.  It includes Lanier-Bramlett’s The Hills Have Eyes co-star Michael Berryman as her deceptive and dangerous internet date.  In short, Suze Lanier-Bramlett’s Allergic To Texas is a fine sample of her talents as a singer-songwriter and will no doubt leave you wanting more.

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