by Emery Columna

Lenny Goldsmith invited me down to hear The Jones Boys play at The Century Club, which on Mondays turns to China Club PRO Jam Night. Comprised of triple scale musicians, this band can throw down with any band in town. The Joneses are some bad, bad, bad cats. And the pudding shows: Where else can you see and hear the musical elite come to get their fix and groove for a change?

Hendrix was right: Music has the power to heal. I come see the Jones Boys when I need to be healed. China Club’s sound is among the best L.A. offers. The sound is like an Elmore Leonard pillow. (read Kill Shot)

The Jones Boys are mechanics and liquidated the crowd within 4 minutes of Lenny hitting the Schure with his notorious vocal style. This band can Bring It On.

I thought I was healed and then Stephen Stills came on and added an extra measure of the dose I needed to last me til the next time. If Neil Young is the Ocean (hear Mirrorball), then surely Stephen Stills is the Leviathan navigating the currents. Have Mercy: Stills’ groovy Telecaster tone pierced me on a transporting version of Love The One You’re With. I was 7 years old when CSN landed with helicopters on Yasgur’s farm and for Me it was an honor to get my ears massaged by Stephen Stills. Thanks, Man. Thanks for all the catalogue that came crashing down around my ears when you came on. What a rush…What a treat.

When I eat at Granita or some other joint where I don’t smack my lips, I like to end the meal with a great dessert. If Stephen Stills could be viewed as the second course, then Ollie Woodson certainly would vie for consideration as a Petrossian-level dessert. Have Mercy: It was Ollie’s birthday and he reminded everyone that his chops are Better than kids that would be better off sampling his voice as long as eagles fly to his mailbox. Have Mercy, Ollie can sing the boots off your socks. Ollie soared effortlessly through soul rending versions of Carol King’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Love & Happiness, and Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together that rocked China Club’s world.

Bruce Willis and the Accelerators also played… between Stills and Woodson.. I think the scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce does that 2 minute pause of a stare/glare is a Solid Gold Oscar in my book. Give the plated ones to someone else. Willis is a Man. As for the music, I dug the very last song the band did ’cause the tall guitar player strapped on an SG and played slide to an Elmore James tune. The tone on that last one was decent.

China Club is beautiful in the sense that it has hints of how FREE the music scene was back in the day. China Club is one of the few places in L.A. where you can hear different inflections of Music all in the same night.
What a Crowd, What a Party, What a Night!

The World’s Best Looking Sound, Frankie Crocker, MC’d the proceedings. FC was looking real clean, dressed to the 9’s.

18 September, Century City, CA

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