By Lavanya

An amazing mother-daughter duo that entertained the audience for seven years in the past –Gilmore Girls is geared up for a short comeback of four episodes on Netflix. A smooth flowing story revolving around relationships, love, ambition, life, complications and society – Gilmore Girls came across as a complete entertainment package for its audience. After successful completion of seven seasons since 2000 on the WB and CW network, the news of short eighth season has been extremely exciting for its audience. To be streamed over Netflix on 25th November 2016, the fan in me cannot wait to explore what this enthusiastic duo has to offer, once again.

Though I have enjoyed every single episode of this entertaining series back in the 2000s, reliving its magic on Netflix all over again has been truly amazing in every way. While each of its old seasons are available over this streaming service, it is a good to refresh the memory and wait for its new action. With perfect combination of drama, humor, maturity and happiness, Gilmore Girls came across as a series for the entire family. Be it strong independent single mother Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) with her clear goals, empowered spirit, confidence and care or loving daughter Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bredel) with her desire to conquer the world, both of these central characters bring life to the series. Set in the humble, little fictional town of Star Hollows in Connecticut, Gilmore Girls was successful in forming a strong bond with the audience. With every passing episode as the town and its residents spread their magic all over, it seemed to be a ‘real life’ in motion.

Excellent cast, powerful performance, simple plot, exciting storyline and fast paced dialogue exchange between the mother-daughter are the highlights of this series that grew with every season. By following the story of a single mother and her numerous challenges, Gilmore Girls presented the value of will power and strong determination. Though innumerable troubles appear on the way, this mother-daughter duo refuse to accept failure. From Lorelai’s job as an efficient manager at an Inn to Rory’s preparation to enter into Harvard, these girls inspire the need to take control of our own life. While the story does not involve any complex out-of-life fictional imagination or unbelievable elements, its resemblance to real life was the prime reason for its huge success.

Another important aspect that deserves special mention is the perfect bonding between Lorelai and Rory. Though they portray the relationship of mother-daughter, their tuning as best friends manages to steal the show. From sharing immense love for coffee to being enthusiastic partners for fun-filled weekends, from being there as strong supports in events of failure or heart breaks to being open about criticism and pointing mistakes, their unique relationship truly forms the signature of the show. Though their love-lives experience unexpected failures and frequent road-blocks, the two stand for each other, bringing the best of the situation.

Besides these Gilmore girls that form the life of the show, each of the other characters and the town of Star Hollows add equal charm to the series. From Rory’s father Christopher to Rory’s love life Dean and Jess, from Lorelai’s best friend and chef Sookie to Lorelai’s parents Emily and Richard, every single character decorate the plot of this series. Lorelai’s troubled past and complicated equation with her parents bring an unusual shade of entertainment filled with sarcasm and irritation. As the story prompts the audience to form an instant connection, every aspect of this series deserves to be mentioned. From humble shopkeepers of the town such as Luke’s diner and Taylor’s market to honest opinion of the residents, from simple infrastructure of its lanes and houses to feeling of love and unity among the dwellers, this town forces everyone to fall in love with it, instantly. Within no time as I felt connected with the series, I enjoyed the imaginary life as one of the residents of Star Hollows! As Lorelai struggles through her ambitions to start her own Inn and Rory passes through the hurdles at Chilton High school, the story offers a close look at their dedication.

Lauren Graham has done complete justice to the role as Lorelai, holding the perfect image of a modern woman with independent thoughts. As a sincere, loving, matured and respectful daughter, Alexis Bredel has truly evolved along every episode.

Watch the interesting equation of these Gilmore Girls over Netflix, while we all wait for their powerful comeback!

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