by Stephen Vecsey –

Dr.Dog’s first record Toothbrush is a lo-fi album which starts by showing that kind of lo-fi charm Dr.Dog is know for. The album starts with “I Can’t Fly”, a song about a depressed man in a world of people who lie much better than him about being depressed; some even believe the lies and all he want’s to do is fly like the rest of them. The song uses some old tech to make the whole thing sound round, that sound you can only get from the old tech.

“Mystery to Me” is a simple song about two lovers that can’t fully see eye to eye but still throughout all of that they still love each other dearly. The entire album has this kinda weird flow that works for the record as a whole; it has no overarching story just some stories about the woes of man. While I feel as though some songs can stand on their instruments, others are memorable because of the lyrics.

Some can even stand on both like the song “The ABC’s” an odd abstract song about someone explaining everything from the ABC’s, to dying, and the aspect of it. This entire album was a wild ride from start to finish, the stories in each song are unique and fun to listen to. As a whole this recording sounds really good for being self-released and I would totally recommend it to anyone who enjoys lo-fi and psychedelic rock.

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