Agnes Obel Photo credit: Alex Bruel Flagstad

by Emery Columna

I wrote a screenplay during the late Fall of 2001 and early Winter of 2002. I wrote for 14 hours a day, taking breaks for meals and the bathroom. During the writing process, I had Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me album playing on auto-repeat the whole time. That album put me into a trance like state where I was able to focus on the writing and nothing else. It was the perfect background music for the creative process.

Citizen of Glass has the very same capacity to inspire creativity: Art begets Art. I feel like this is the kind of music that Pablo Picasso would have playing in the background while he created another masterpiece.

This is gorgeous music! Agnes Obel paints sonic landscapes that have a distinct cinematic feel to them.

The images I see flashing before me are in technicolor sometimes, or in Ingmar Bergman black & white. The visions I get are: Staring down the highway for miles headed East with the sunset at my back in New Mexico. The Black Forest on a starry night with snow on the ground. Clouds forming in a blue sky off in the distance. A gray rainy day.

Of note is the distinct presence of organically derived tones. The absence of synthesizers is refreshing.

I love the close micing of Agnes’ voice. There is a distant sonic intimacy about her voice and the production value of this album brings this characteristic to the front.

Do yourself a favor and set aside some uninterrupted time to listen to this album in one sitting. I’m telling you that you will get your own set of visions from this album, if you are open to it.

It’s hard to pick one particular song out of this album that stands out amongst the others, because this is not the typical hit radio fare that I am used to. This music is High Art and should be taken as a whole, like a sculpture. It is a properly proportioned piece of Art and the sum is bigger than the parts.

One of the best albums of 2016. Highly recommended. & in the vernacular, I dig it!

MAAF Box listening pleasure: Stretch Your Eyes, Familiar, It’s Happening Again, Trojan Horses, Citizen of Glass, Golden Green, Mary.

MAAF Box Rating: MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure MAAF-BOX-listening-pleasure


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