Olivia Holt - Hollywood Records

The Disney Channel star headlined the Capitol theater for her Rise of a Phoenix tour.

by Jonah King –

Just four months removed from the release of her first studio EP, Olivia, Olivia Holt has taken to the road for a 23 city tour.

Clearwater was Olivia’s first of three stops in Florida as she played the Capitol theater.

Opening for Olivia was Forever in Your Mind, also known as FIYM. The boy band trio also released their first studio, their self-titled EP, FIYM.

FIYM mixed up their performance with high energy performances feeding off each other. FIYM performed songs from their EP, and a Disney Channel music medley.

Forever in Your Mind is right in the One Direction wheelhouse, which makes sense considering two of the three members (Emery Kelly and Ricky Garcia) being placed together was a Simon Cowell idea. Kelly plays the role of the Harry Styles type frontman, but he doesn’t overshadow Garcia and Liam Attridge.

The great fear of any musical group is the one member that steals the shine and leads to the group’s demise. It’s happened to NSYNC, One Direction, and the Jonas Brothers. FIYM is still very young and there isn’t a heavy narcissism of who owns the performance.

FIYM has the potential to take over the boy band scene that’s wide open for the taking.

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Remember that moment when we collectively realized Taylor Swift wasn’t a country singer really ever? And just as we came to that conclusion, she blasted off a set of catchy pop tunes and took over the charts? Olivia Holt is right where Swift was at when that evolution occurred.

Holt combines authentic southern sweetness with a big city voice.

Olivia took the stage supported with a full band and a rush to the front of the stage from an excited crowd. Olivia played all the five songs from her EP, and did covers of current pop hits including: DNCE’s Cake by the Ocean, and Ellie Goulding’s Something in the Way You Move.

Olivia frequented takes trips to each corner of the stage reaching out to the grasping hands of her fans as she performed. Phones galore for selfie attempts as she sang just a few feet away from the crowd, which is an awesome touch to her performances. These folks get their money’s worth. And while the room was mainly filled with kids of all ages and their parents, Olivia Holt is worth the reason to be there. Holt is an exceptional role model for young folks, and we hope she will continue to be an inspiration for many years to come.

Olivia finished her performance with her hit song Phoenix.

Many of Olivia’s radio songs have a synth pop anthem feel, but watching her with a live band where you have a prominent bass and leading guitar riffs, makes Olivia very dynamic in what she can sing on stage, and I hope she continues to go this route in future albums. The full band amplifies her voice, and it makes the entire performance feel natural.

The talent doesn’t end at singing for Olivia, who will move to the big screen, acting alongside Renee Zellweger in Same Kind of Different as Me. The film is set for a 2017 release.

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