by William Phoenix

American country singer Richard Lynch’s most recent release, A Better Place, is earning him a place in the hearts of country roots and traditional country music fans. Tinged with an air of authenticity, this blue-collar farmer cum performer’s latest album contains 12 cuts. The lead-in, “Daddy’s Radio” harkens back to a more simple time before the advent of spoiled children who each required their own iPod to keep them quiet and kids learned about the music of their elders. It’s both fun and touching.

“New Beginnings And Old Honkytonks” seems to reflect a simpler time in the artist’s life as expressed in bluegrass accented, mid-tempo track. It has a universal appeal to any couple who can look back on the highs and lows of life together. “It’s All In My Head” is a pretty, melancholic song sure to be enjoyed by anyone who understands that sometimes we all just need a break from heartbreak.

“She’s Got Me Drinkin’ Again” also features producer Billy Yates. Oddly, no information about the backing musicians was included on the review copy but let’s note right now that they all sound like experienced session men. This is a good, up-tempo tune highlighted by some noteworthy piano work.

“Texas Front Porch Swing” quickly follows here. It’s a dance-a-long fan favorite sure to please live audiences too. The high-kickin’ cuts continue with the radio-friendly “Look Out Below”.

David Frizell and Stacy Houston highlight “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma”. The heart-wrenching duet here works so well. Lynch’s voice has real character here and the acoustic guitar really sets the mood.

“All By My Lonesome” continues the consistency of Lynch’s signature sound. It is yet another a toe-tapping sing-along song. The individual performance elements hold steady on the mid-tempo tune “Hold Your Horses”.

“You Show Me Yours” is perhaps one of the best numbers here. An early favorite of both fans and critics, this is an up-tempo, twangy blues-country cut complete with a fun chorus: “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” It’s another radio-ready track.

“I Like My Music Country” has an electric, heavy metal guitar riff that grabs the listener as Lynch launches back into modern country. The closing cut is the titular “A Better Place”. This is an accessible album endnote that both entertains and reminds audiences of the power and pain of love lost.

With the finger-picking guitar work and Lynch’s ability to create friendly, sincere songs, the album has many memorable musical moments. So check out Richard Lynch’s A Better Place. It’s not just your “Daddy’s Radio” and you might find yourself saying: “I Like My Music Country.”

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