by William Phoenix

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter/guitarist PEACH and her group The Electric Blues Band have recently released a new live disc titled A Night In Copenhagen. On this eight-track audio offering, PEACH leads the way with her guitar and lead vocals. She is backed by Michael Engman Rønnow (guitar and backing vocals), Helge Solberg (bass and backing vocals), Niclas Campagnol (drums) and keyboardist Ken Strange (Joe Cocker, Roger Miller).

Earlier this year PEACH returned to Copenhagen, Denmark to perform at her fave venue, the Café Bartof. It was there that they recorded this new release. The album opener is a cover of the Bob Dylan song “Tonight I’ll Be Stayin Here With You.” It’s an intimate opener that she makes her own.

The second selection is “Never Make Your Move Too Soon”. This is the band’s cover of a song co-composed by Will Jennings, Nesbert and JR Hooper. It’s a blues-infused, funky track that PEACH knows how to work.

The next number is an adaptation of the shuffle track “Little By Little” by Mel London. This is yet another example of one of the cover songs she can really work in concert. It is followed by her version of the Harvey Scales-Albert Vance tune “Love-Itis” it has a tight rhythm and further demonstrates her ability to keep her signature sound grounded despite the challenges of playing live.

She slows things down a bit with what is perhaps the highlight of the disc, “Tell Me You Love Me”. It’s one of her original works. It’s a pretty piece that’s perfect for a soundtrack or a slow dance.

“Come Up And See Me Sometime” is a fan favorite. It works well with a live audience too. Although written by Danny Timms and Jodi Siegel, PEACH makes it her own.

Also included here is her tuneful take on Paulie Cerra’s “Same As I’m Over You.” It’s a reflective rendition complete with PEACH’s soulful vocals. The closing cut is a tight-bottomed version of Frankie Miller’s blues-rockin’ “Ain’t Got No Money.”

Overall, the CD is a nice sampling of an intimate, live performance. It’s always enjoyable to hear what happens when PEACH makes a song her own. SO check out PEACH & the Almost Blues Band’s A Night In Copenhagen and “Little by Little” you just might catch “Love-itis”.

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