Katie Garibaldi: ‘Rooted Clarity’

William Phoenix

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and guitarist’s newest release is an EP titled Rooted Clarity is a short but sweet showcase for her soulful signature sound which has ofttimes been appropriately labeled “ethereal Americana.” The five-song disc features Garibaldi on vocals and guitar backed by a band that includes Kevin Blair (electric and acoustic bass), Tim Fellow (drums and percussion), Arturo Garza (keyboards), JP Shafer (fiddle and mandolin). The album also includes Nathan Lowry (violin) and Emily Nelson (cello).

The EP opener is “Delightful”. It’s a pretty piece that draws you into an album that others claim is in itself delightful. Garibaldi’s soprano, a part of her signature sound, remains in place in this song of hope and throughout the release.

The second selection is “I Am”. It’s a positive piece that seems adult contemporary radio ready. It’s string-driven and quietly strong.

The quiet and contemplative “In My Wildest Dreams” also remains positive with a message that regardless of what may come love will still win out. Her signature sound remains solid as well. The next number is “On My Own”.

On My Own” especially speaks to people who are at a certain point in their lives and yet can still be appreciated by one and all. It’s a sincere song perfect for television or film. The song speaks to those who have moved on with their lives but still yearn to return home to a warm, familiar setting. It works well prior to the closing cut.

The EP endnote is the somewhat melancholy “Bird In A Cage”. Her vocals remain constantly true in that they are still both strong yet light. This works especially well here since the song itself can be seen as both heart-breakingly sad or at least sensitive and yet an obvious call to freedom.

Overall, this new disc is a distinct departure in both music genre and subject content when compared to her prior release Follow Your Heart. Regardless of the topic or genre, she leaves them wanting more. So check out Katie Garibaldi’s Rooted Clarity and you too may find it to be quite “Delightful”.


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