MAAF Box is the brain-child of writer Emery Columna and focuses on bringing back that zeitgeist of ’90s counter-culture with behind-the-scenes interviews, reviews, and news about music, art, and film. This project is for the artists, by the artists. We serve to bring together a community of musicians, artists, and filmmakers/actors by promoting them for free. MAAF Box provides content pieces as well as personally crafted biography pages that serve as a hub for all artists. We want to make artists feel connected.

Mission Statement: Providing positive publicity to artists

Emery Columna

Emery Columna


Lead Content Director / Head Writer

Emery Columna is a writer and the lead content producer for MAAF Box. He spent most of his childhood listening to Hit Radio WABC 770AM growing up in New York. That is really where Emery got awareness of what Hit music sounded like. Then as a teenager Emery graduated to AOR coming across the Long Island Sound from WPLR 99.1FM New Haven. Add in some classical piano training for tone and melody and you’ve got Emery’s magic elixir for sniffing out good music. Emery has covered unknown and up-and-comers all the way up to the Rolling Stones at Dodger Stadium.

Some people have called Emery the man with the Golden Ears for Hits.


Warren Buchholz

Warren Buchholz


Content Producer / Contributing Writer

Warren Buchholz is a graphic artist and content producer. He’s worked with the CBS Corporation, various non-profit organizations, and numerous private companies and individuals to provide marketing, branding, photography, videography, and graphic design work. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of South Florida and serves as Director of External Communication at a 501(c)3 improv comedy arts group, Post Dinner Conversation, as well as an Associate Producer for the yearly Tampa-wide comedy festival, Tampa Improv Festival.

In his spare time, Warren can be found writing and sending out poems/short stories for publication in various literary magazines, snapping portrait and still film/digital photography, and perusing the art side of Tumblr.



Rachel Brame


Contributing Writer

As long as my life has not been one big long dream, creative writing’s been a hobby in my back pocket since forever and ever while music has been a passionate focus of interest of mine since childhood. Born and raised in burbs of P.G., Maryland I began my art and professional framing career in the D.C. metro region. I’m currently an illustrator and designer by trade and also an art educator at a private high school in the Tampa Bay region. I studied Art History in community college and in 2012, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science from the University of South Florida.




M.V. Essick


Contributing Writer/Social Media Intern

My name is MVEssick, and I’ve been at this whole “creative” thing for several years now. If it’s something that falls under the art umbrella, chances are I’ve dabbled in it. (Just don’t ask me to sing. I’m serious.)

My creative prowess ranges from professional photography, illustration, graphic design, animation and writing.  My visual works have been featured in magazines, such as Glitterwolf Magazine and Steampunk Trails. My writing repertoire is expansive, from writing simple DIY project articles for feminist webzine Mookychick, to the fashion-foward articles of DapperQ.



Josh Moore

Josh Moore


Contributing Writer

Joshua Moore is a graphic designer and promotional assistant, with over 12 years of experience in the field. Working with a diverse range of individuals in the entertainment industry, from musical talents such as guitarist Phil Keaggy and John Elefante former lead vocalist of Kansas, to entertainers like WWE Champion Greg “the Hammer” Valentine (WCW, NWA, WWE) and actress Chase Masterson (Leeta, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and J.A.N.I.C.E. Em, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles) and many others. He’s also had quite a bit of experience with the “behind the scenes” production as well, building stage sets and operating lighting, video and other stage effects for multiple concerts, dramas and events.

Josh has a passion to use his talents to effect others positively and has been highly invested in youth outreaches and volunteer work nationally and internationally.


IMG_2207 (1)

Howard Alexander


Contributing Writer

I am a 43 yr old Hoosier native who grew up in a small town named Crawfordsville, IN, where everyone dreamed of escaping and becoming a basketball player or a famous musician. Born in the 70’s, grew up in the 80’s, and became an adult in the 90’s. We always had fun around the house with music blaring every type of music you can imagine. I grew up listening to music by Elvis,The Beatles, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, as a boy, before getting into the 80’s artist like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Van Halen. Music has changed a lot but I love the old stuff, with an appreciation for the new. I grew up trying to play almost every instrument I could, in the hopes of being in a famous band someday, but I never quite put my into it like I needed. I was always more into drawing, painting, and other forms of creative arts. My love for music has never faded. I have always enjoyed the search for unfounded talent or people who were great but I felt they needed better exposure. My life is pretty busy my day job in retail, but my love of music has become a major hobby in my spare time. I started part time DJ gig, doing parties, weddings, and karaoke. Being a DJ has helped me have an appreciation for new music I never opened myself up to before.






Contributing Writer

Bio: A die-hard fan of all things funny, all Lavanya needs is a remote control, television and loads of hilarious entertainment. A freelance writer with love for words, Lavanya is hidden behind her laptop for maximum hours of the day. While playing with the keyboard keys to frame articles based on entertainment, movies, television series, environment, nature, relationships, motivation and lifestyle, she enjoys experimentation and exploration. Besides extreme affection for coffee, words, humor and adventure, Lavanya loves to travel around the sunny state of California. When away from her game with words, Lavanya is seen in the kitchen, playing with different ingredients for some interesting recipes.

Lavanya looks forward to the feedback of her readers always. Though a self-confessed introvert, Lavanya enjoys the opportunity of unlimited talks through the medium of her blogs and articles. As she hopes to publish her own book someday, Lavanya dreams of creating a literary mark!

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