by Emery Columna – Back in 2015 when my friend turned me onto R5, she told me about a band that was struggling to be accepted as a serious music outfit. So I told her that I would take a listen to the album to see if I heard anything… Well I heard this song called Dark Side and I told her I thought that R5 reminded me of INXS and that the band had potential to break out of it’s pigeon hole. So this new EP for me, sees R5 coming into [Read More]

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by Rachel Brame – This film’s tagline says it all: “He never realized how far 35 millimeters would take him”. Throughout all its camp, this is a movie about taking pictures. Pecker captured a time of innocence, right on the cusp of modern innovations in technology. Originally released in 1998, it’s a slightly dated turn of the century gem with no evidence of cell phones anywhere. Getting film developed from a store was still a [Read More]

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Bubble Gum Orchestra– ‘Sticky Love Songs Vol. 1 & 2’

  By: Will Phoenix Bubble Gum Orchestra (pop) rocks! For those readers coming in late, Bubble Gum Orchestra is the pet project of multiinstrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Michael Laine Hildebrandt. Sticky Love Songs Vol. 1 & 2 is his fifth audio offering from the Texas-based talent. On this 20-track album, Hildebrandt leads the way on vocals, bass, drums, keyboards, synthesizer, piano, and guitar. He is ably assisted by his brother [Read More]

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Warren John Wolfe–Unconditional Love

By: William Phoenix Warren John Wolfe is a singer-songwriter and guitarist that you might not yet know, but you should. Originally from the Chicago area, the now Oregon-based artist has been a bit of a traveling troubadour, performing live around the country and fleshing out his own multi-genre-influenced brand of Americana-infused music. His current disc, Unconditional Love, is a real life-inspired collection of ii songs. Backing him on this [Read More]

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Michael Hornbuckle– SoulRepo

[youtube]   Will Phoenix Bluesman singer-songwriter and musician Michael Hornbuckle has a new album out titled SoulRepo. His latest release has 11 tracks of blues, rock, and soul. Here Hornbuckle leads the way on guitar, bass, and vocals. He is backed by an assortment of other artists including Andras Csapo (AC) on harmonica and keyboards, Alexander “Ace” Baker on keyboards, Sarah Snead on [Read More]

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Katie Garibaldi: ‘Rooted Clarity’

William Phoenix San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and guitarist’s newest release is an EP titled Rooted Clarity is a short but sweet showcase for her soulful signature sound which has ofttimes been appropriately labeled “ethereal Americana.” The five-song disc features Garibaldi on vocals and guitar backed by a band that includes Kevin Blair (electric and acoustic bass), Tim Fellow (drums and percussion), Arturo Garza (keyboards), JP [Read More]

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  By: Stephen Vecsey Combat Rock was released the 14th of May, 1982 under the label Columbia Records (CBS), a subdivision Epic. This fifth album from the Clash is also the one to shoot them to stardom. Two of the band’s most well-known songs come from it: “Rock the Casbah” and “Should I stay…”. High tempo riffs and hopping cords keep throughout most of the record; while there are a couple of songs that slow down, I believe this [Read More]

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STEVEN GRAVES | CAPTAIN SOUL by Will Phoenix Santa Cruz, California-based Steven Graves is a singer-songwriter and guitarist’s new album, Captain Soul, takes him in an interesting, new direction. Unlike his last effort, Mission Bell, this one–while still containing elements of country and folks, is infused with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. Graves (lead vocals and guitars) is ably assisted and backed by a core group of performers including [Read More]

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  THE ROLLING STONES | BLUE AND LONESOME By Emery Columna Here is The Rolling Stones album I have been waiting for my whole life, literally. I am 54. So many giants of The Blues have gone on and left me and the only rhino remaining is Buddy Guy. I think the passing of B.B. King may have been the impetus for The Stones to record a Blues album. This is as authentic a blues as you’re going to find these days. It is a breath of fresh air for [Read More]

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by Rachel Brame – In this new day and age, I feel compelled to drag this Kubrick classic into the light and examine it a little harder against our present day geopolitical dynamic. The 45th President of the U.S. LOVES George C. Scott and often projects a romantic patriotism of Patton which is as close to genuine as he’ll ever come. General ‘Buck’ Turgidson is today’s perfect meme for the kind of advisors and military presence who [Read More]

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