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For poetry submissions, please see the poetry page. If you are submitting to an article, then please adhere by these guidelines before submitting. And please be sure to peruse the website and read some articles to get a feel of what we’re looking for.


• Word count: 250-750 words. We like powerful articles in the least amount of words. But we will take a look at your article if it runs over. If you’ve got something awesome to say, we’re cool with it.
• Positive reviews. (We’re not Rolling Stone, and we’re not interested in why an artist sucks so much.) Positivity is something that doesn’t come along too often, but it resonates far deeper than breaking someone down.
• We accept local and national artists. If you like it then write it.
• Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct, and your paper is good to go.
• We love personal experiences mixed with the good stuff. You’re not writing a college paper, so inject some of you into it. Just refrain from being cocky or pretentious.
• MAAF Box reserves the right to edit your work as seen fit to comply with our standards.
• All rights revert back to you after your piece has been published.
• If you have something you don’t know will work, then please feel free to send us a pitch at
• Categories we write about:
– Music (Corporate & Independent labels, concerts)
– Film
– Art / Theatre
– Television
– Indie Music Showcase (Soundcloud & Bandcamp reviews)

We are also looking to publish poetry. Be sure to check out the poetry page for all deets on submissions.


• We cannot pay you at the moment. Wish we could, but we can’t. We will pay you in social media coverage and exposure. All of our editors and writing staff are all volunteers. We will be thrilled to share your work with our readers, and we hope you will share it with your friends and family too. As soon as we can start paying, you will be the first to hear.


Our articles are usually set up in a certain way to remain consistent with our branding. Please download our formatting guide to ensure your article is to MAAF Box standards. Please be sure to traverse the website and read some articles to get a taste of what we’re looking for.

Sending your work:

Please use the contact box below to send us your article or inquiry. You may also send your article to We accept attachments in pdf, rtf, doc, docx formats. If you have questions, please feel free to direct them to

We look forward to reading your work soon!


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