Gary Becker


Gary Becker is an artist, poet, and inventor of incredible ALS care giving life hacks.

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Gary’s words:
“I learned to draw and paint the traditional western way, landscapes, still life, portraits. After years of painting how things appear in the “real” world, I wanted to look through the windows of the subconscious and open the doors of dreams, to paint how things felt to the part of the human mind that loves the mystery of fairy tales, myth and magic more than the safety of the ordinary and logical. Thus I arrived at my own kind of surrealism where every being, object and place is empowered with a symbolism from the Spiritual realm of my imagination. I am the one who creates the works, but I am simply awakening the deeper wonder of creation that each one of us is born with, that sense of awe that everyday life eventually buries somewhere between childhood and responsibility.

I have studied and practiced poetry with equal vigor for 50 years. I dip into the same well for inspiration. I pull up a bucket of images for a painting or a bucket of words for a poem. The intent is the same. I discovered that beneath the layers of anger and despair is a solid bedrock of gratitude, humility and love. All roads lead to the truth. Stay awake, so you don’t miss anything.”

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