Karen Ann Hunter


I was born in a small village called St Mawes on the south coast of Cornwall, United Kingdom. My mother and I set forth on our own when I was four years old after things went wrong with my father. She found true love with my step dad when I was ten and they now live happily in Spain.

I went to art school at 16 but opted out to sing with a jazz band half way thru the course. My mother took it hard but not for long, we have been the best of friends for the last 45 years.

I paid my dues as a performer in bands and recording TV and radio jingles for about 38 years. Working in both England and Germany.

In 1976 I was signed to Giorgio Moroder in Munich, Germany. I performed some background vocals on one of Giorgio’s hit disco singles called ‘I Wanna Funk With You Tonight’ from ‘Knights In White Satin’. I replaced some existing background vocals to get the diction acceptable for radio play as they were threatening to ban it. I never did get my name on the credits; that still bums me out to this day.

When I got back to the UK in 1978 I signed to a record producer, recorded a bunch of my own songs under the name Yuka and released a single called ‘Who Will Believe The Young Man’. That single got record of the week on BBC Radio 1 but did not get label support after a business shuffle.

In 1984 and 85 I did two short UK tours as a backing singer for Gary Numan. We did ‘Top Of The Pops’ in 84, which was one thing off my bucket list.

I married and had two children but tried to keep singing, eventually I had my own small bands doing jazz clubs in Southern England. In 1988, I started my transmitter pouch making business called Custom Pouch USA.

In 2003 I was lucky enough to get some support for recording my own album called ‘Kickin Up Dust’ which was a mix of jazz and blues. That led to a couple of appearances on BBC 2 radio’s Paul Jones Blues Show.

In 2004 and two marriages down the pan, the late Pete Haycock (Climax Blues Band) introduced me to American guitar player Steve Hunter. I was living in a sleepy village in the South of England, Pete was in Germany and Steve lived in Hollywood, California. I regard this period in my life as having divine intervention. I married Steve in 2007 and my life changed forever.

Steve and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I share my life with a man who is extremely gifted, honest and humble, he has encouraged me to be creative in ways I would never have thought possible and makes me laugh with his antics every day.

In 2011 I traveled the world and saw the good side and the bad side of major touring. I have shared interesting, relaxed conversations with some very cool artists including Alice Cooper and Lou Reed, both extraordinary people and I feel very blessed to have had the experience.

I wrote a tour blog as we went around the world with Alice Cooper, if you scroll back in time on the pages you will find lots of memories and photographs.  ‘Thoughts From Huntersville’  http://karenannhunter.blogspot.com

In 2010 Steve produced an album of my own songs for me called ‘Empty Spaces’ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/karenannhunter

We have performed on a few album sessions together; one worldwide release was another ‘uncredited’ background vocal for me, which has to remain that way. One of my favorite sessions was in 2014, a song called ‘Mr Finn’ for Tommy Henriksen’s new solo album ‘Tommy Tommy Tommy’

These days I manage Steve’s career and we work together in our recording studio.

I am still singing, writing songs and work on my art whenever I can.



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