Rachel Brame

Rachel Brame



I’m a Millennial Marylander born and bred, and have since settled into the warm winters of the south as a transplant in Florida. I’ve always had an instinctive compulsion putting pen to paper and my sketchpad follows me everywhere! An obsession with abstract drawing grips me to this day. I’ve doodled since childhood and honed my style and skills in high school. Other than that I’m a self-taught. At the age of 17 I became a sponge learning techniques and methods of artistic engineering as a custom picture framing apprentice.

Formative Years:

For me, art developed from a pastime into a passion for more complex compositions as I began to identify more as an artist and meet creative likeminded people. I know and love the Smithsonian like an old friend. Growing up a D.C. metro-ite allowed me to meet and interact with so many people from cultures all around the world! It helped my perspective grow and the experience imprinted a broad range of international influences on my brain and in my creations. I draw on influences ranging from the ancient to modern and from every culture and continent. There are no international boundaries attached to the limits of where my inspiration come from. Georgetown was the first place I found the MOCA DC gallery where I was given the opportunity to show my art regularly in public.

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Style Statement:

While my main medium is pen and ink, I continue to experiment with photography, acrylics, and paper collages. I really appreciate the portability, precision, and intricate detail which pen and ink provides. I find myself exploring boundaries of Color Theory and design and simply adore working with bright Sharpies! My style is defined by the use of heavy outlines, bright colors, iridescence, flowing lines, and a variety of intricate forms. My interest in 1960’s poster art sparked an inner craving for loud contrasting colors. As an artist I’ve also been fascinated by aesthetic beauty of organic patterns and am constantly in awe of Earth’s natural environment and the symbolism it can represent. My work often includes motifs of whimsical cartoons, deco patterns, nouveau fossil illustrations, botanical graffiti, and at times reflect my general intrigue in ocean life. I also enjoy exploring the anatomy of fossils, modern creatures, animal camouflage, botany, colorful gradients, the geometry of minerals, and the metamorphosis of rocks.

Influential Collaborator:

I can’t thank my husband Dr. Roderic Brame enough for his unconditional love and support as my #1 fan, promoter, and creative partner. Earlier in life you could call me generally apathetic for education and science in particular, but after taking a historical geology class in 2004 at Northern Virginia Community College, my eyes opened to a whole new world. He’s forever altered my perceptions about time and widened my stylistic scope of influences. In 2007 we married in Herndon, Virginia and promptly moved south ultimately settling in the burbs just north of Tampa.

Obstacles & Bridges:

With some encouragement, I started my business R&R Artwork in 2008. For about a two year period of time I felt severely distracted from practicing my art while finishing my Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree at USF (I was an outsider from the fine arts programs there).  If I’m not making art, my mind isn’t quite right. Although I was glad to earn a degree and hone my writing skills when I graduated in December 2012, I immediately hit the ground running producing new drawings and lining up art shows to display my work around central Florida. I feel fortunate artists in the Tampa/St. Pete region have graciously welcomed me into their folds. To this day I stay on the beat meeting new people, finding new commissions, and different places to exhibit my framed pieces.

Commercial Aesthetic:

As a phonophile true and thru, I’m simply over the moon making musically inspired art. I’ve been incredibly honored to use my design skills in helping represent the auspicious Gasparilla Music Festival in its annual fundraising goals and support a burgeoning music culture in Tampa. I’ve also done several book cover projects over the years. The one I’m most personally proud of is The Mighty Titans which was published in early 2013.



It is extremely gratifying to see anyone exposed to my artwork become motivated themselves to explore their own creativity. Visual images are powerful; mere suggestions can be powerful, and I never allow myself to underestimate these facts. Mostly, I hope my art envelopes the viewer in a momentary imaginative space, and that it ultimately serves to energize and inspire!

Commercial platforms featuring R&R Artwork designs:
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